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Unlocking the largest market segment for apartment living with BTR

Image credit: Dakota Corbin


Families with children are the most dominant household type in Australia - accounting for ~40% of households.


Unfortunately, this market segment has been largely dismissed by apartment developers due to significant profitability and sales challenges.


Our research, initially based on housing in the City of Melbourne LGA, identified four main reasons why build-to-rent (BTR) is uniquely positioned to overcome these barriers and change this dynamic particularly for smaller family households:

  1. Families look for less bedrooms when renting.

  2. There is a closing cost gap between a 'family-friendly' apartment unit and a typical investor-grade unit.

  3. BTR developments are in a better position to overcome the largest remaining challenge: providing adequate communal amenities for families with children.

  4. BTR not only offers, but can even entice, families to have a frictionless, long-term tenure. 

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